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An INTEREP expansion joint hard at work. Can’t see it? That’s because it’s doing its job. You can juuuuust barely see the gap in the telescoping flow-liners there. We used a braided seal and cavity packing to ensure that no dust would accumulate in the bellows convolutions, and that this expansion joint would be able to run for many years without any special attention… even in hot metals service, with slag, abrasive particulate, and sulfur gas!

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#hotshot time! This INCOLOY 800 universal expansion joint refurbishment is going to make it out of our shop just in time to get to an oil refinery on the last day of their turnaround, so they can start up on schedule and keep making money! They didn’t anticipate needing to replace this expansion joint, because it’s only 6 months old, but it wasn’t an INTEREP part, and wasn’t suited to the application, so they discovered the bellows had already failed when they brought the FCCU offline.

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Shooting an infrared thermal survey on the high pressure superheat piping of an Alstom HRSG. These units came with metal bellows penetration seals and INTEREP is one of the few companies that will show customers how to replace them with metal a second time! Sure, we offer fabric like everyone else, but if you can get another 5-10 years with metal, go for it!

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We think we have the coolest job. At this Coal Plant, we had 10 EJ splices to do. All requiring us to be tied in with access only possible by lift, scaffolding, or stairs. These Rubber EJs had to be heat cured, meaning we had an INTEREP crew working around the clock for 4 days. This was a fun one. 😆 check out our Instagram for more pictures of this job. @interep.inc

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Smile, it’s almost Friday! 😆🛠👷🏼‍♀️ Even weekends won’t keep us from making sure you stay online. Give us a call! #performanceunderpressure #therewhenyouneedit

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We’ll do whatever it takes to keep you up and running….. even if that means social closening. 🤝 . . . We fought this water treatment silo expansion joint for hours. Sometimes you just need a little elbow grease from a buddy to help you operate those vice grips. This one had an EPDM expansion joint belt with a natural gum rubber sheet liner inside.

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Can you see the difference in the center spool angle? This indicates the expansion joints have been compromised. #metalexpansionjoint #heavyindustrial

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Performance and longevity of an expansion joint (EJ) areaffected by storage & environmental conditions. While most forms of environmental attack will have little effect upon a typical EJ while in storage, they are susceptible to accidental damage and storage best-practices must be followed in order to avoid plant-process issues after installation. Contact us for a storage guide, link in bio! #expansionjoints #industrialplants #industrialparts

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Does your brickwork have expansion joints in it? Often, they’re made of Viton Rubber, which can handle acid well, but if you wash your acid down with water, you create hot acid due to the exothermic reaction the two substances produce, no rubber expansion joint can handle hot acid. Have INTEREP come out if you’ve had an upset event in your acid area recently, we’ll help you make sure your flooring expansion joints are holding up well, and help you avoid needed to do structural concrete repair work beneath your brick pad.

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