#hotshot time! This INCOLOY 800 universal expansion joint refurbishment is going to make it out of our shop just in time to get to an oil refinery on the last day of their turnaround, so they can start up on schedule and keep making money! They didn’t anticipate needing to replace this expansion joint, because it’s only 6 months old, but it wasn’t an INTEREP part, and wasn’t suited to the application, so they discovered the bellows had already failed when they brought the FCCU offline.

An INTEREP expansion joint hard at work. Can’t see it? That’s because it’s doing its job. You can juuuuust barely see the gap in the telescoping flow-liners there. We used a braided seal and cavity packing to ensure that no dust would accumulate in the bellows convolutions, and that this expansion joint would be able to run for many years without any special attention… even in hot metals service, with slag, abrasive particulate, and sulfur gas!