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Corrosion Control

Linings For: FGD-Absorber Vessels, Outlet Ducts, Mixing Zones, Thickeners, Acid Plants, Tank/Vessel Linings, Secondary Containment, Corrosion Resistant Mortars, Gunites, Grouts, Floor Coatings, Precast Sumps,
Trenches & Manholes, HDPE Linings, Custom Engineered FRP Composites for Tanks, Process Vessels, Piping, Ducting & Special Shapes, Metal Repair Putties, Silicon Carbide Anti-Abrasives, Specialty Polymer Concrete

PENNGUARD Block Lining Systems for Chimneys & Flues Experiencing Saturated Wet Conditions

Acid Resistant Brick – Red Shale & Fireclay ASTM C 279-88, Types I, II & III, for Chimney, Ash Hopper, Vessel & Secondary Containment Linings.

“We Build Confidence in FRP” – FRP Consulting, Inspection, Pipe Supports, Engineering & Design

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Piping & Equipment

Piping and equipment fabricated from FRP, Dual-Laminate, or other composite materials. Possible applications include beams, ductwork, fume stacks (chimneys), settling tanks, electrowinning cells (SXEW tanks),
electrolytic cells, cell covers, chlorine headers, strainers, hoods, scrubbers, washer drum linings, penstocks, baffles, weirs, anode boxes, manifolds, headers, fan housing, and other custom designs

Rotational Lining

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Expansion Joints

INTEREP is the premier technical distributor for engineered expansion joint products in North America.

With over three decades of manufacturer relationships, our customers see us as a guarantee of peace of mind when purchasing expansion joints. Manufacturers see us as a gateway to a large and ever-growing market.
We bring the two together in order to provide customers with the most competitive price and the best designs. Our technical experts work hand-in-hand with our preferred manufacturers (or the manufacturer of your
choice) in order to streamline the design and engineering process, affording you the peace of mind to tackle other issues.

Piping & Ducting Bellows, Extraction Steam, Condenser Neck, Boiler Feedwater Pump Turbine Exhausts, Turbine Crossovers, Penetration Seals, Fabric & Rubber Ducting Joints, Gas Turbine Joints, Guillotine Louver &
Butterfly Dampers.

Silencers & Noise Control

SVI Dynamics a leading manufacturer of engineered gas path and noise control solutions for power and process applications.

Industrial inlet and exhaust fan silencers, Absorptive silencers, Vent silencers, Combination silencers, Reactive silencers, Acoustical panel systems, Acoustical lagging systems, Stacks and ductwork, Engineering
and field support services, and Field construction


New & Replacement Heavy Industrial Fans, Repair and rebuilding of existing fans, new spare rotors and housings, and shop balancing up to 200″ wheels, Up-grades, Balancing & Vibration Analysis, Fan Pedestal
Grouting, Field Inspections, ID/FD Fans, SCR Fans & Coal Mill Exhausters.

(Arizona & New Mexico)

INTERFLEX Insulation System

INTEREP designs and markets a proprietary, moving insulation system (InterFlex Insulation)

which is a popular solution for heat loss on exposed metal bellows and other expansion joints which see regular movements that will destroy standard fiberglass or calcium silicate insulation. Our InterFlex
Insulation system can be designed to accommodate almost any movement or temperature requirements, try us!

CEMS, Dust Monitors, & Gas Analyzers

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Heavy Wall (Flanged & Flued) Expansion Joints

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Rubber Expansion Joints

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Custom Braided Hose

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Fabric Expansion Joints

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