Heavy Industrial Sales Support Rep


  • $30,000 to $40,000 Annually (plus commission)
  • 401K
  • Full-Time

You’re the kind of person who loves to solve problems and help your team win. There will be times that YOUR support helps an oil refinery start back up on time, or that rolling blackouts are narrowly avoided in a major city. You will be seen as an essential part of a team of heroes to our customers, you will help keep American industry running. That’s not always comfortable, you’ll find yourself coordinating with customers and INTEREP salespeople who are at a customer facility and need your immediate action in order to help them solve an issue that’s keeping a plant from starting back up. There will be times you’ll work late into the night to get a rush-order delivered to a remote location by the next morning. You’re not going to do this because it’s easy, you don’t do easy things anyway. You’re going to do this because you want work that means something, that’s needed, that you can see the result of, and that gets you up in the morning, excited to conquer another day.

Sure, you’ll have a flexible schedule, unlimited vacation, work from home, and get to participate in swanky events with customers & team members, but you’re not going to take this job because of that. Those are just perks. You’re going to take it because you give a damn, and want to work on a team that shares your desire for meaningful work.


What your work week will look like:

You’ve already got a nice home office setup, from there you’ll meet daily with our all-remote team for a quick 15-minute morning huddle, where you’ll learn what new needs have arisen from the sales team that morning, and how you can tweak your already-planned schedule for the day in order to adapt to new demands. You’ll be the first line for incoming customer inquiries, coordinating with salespeople and our customers in order to provide same-day responses to needs. You’ll perform pricing research, building quotes, reviewing technical drawings, learning how to explain them to customers, and follow-up via phone in order to help our sales team close orders faster. You’ve got to be quick on your feet, because you’ll get a couple curveballs every day, and schedule adjustments will be required.

If you find that the thrill of the chase is your thing – crafting creative ways to follow-up on open quotes, building relationships on phone and video calls with customers, getting information from them that the salesperson wasn’t aware of, and helping us all to make money together, then this position is for you. You’ll have opportunities to try managing your own customer base, driving a sale from A-Z, and even moving into a commissioned sales role as your skills grow.

If you find that you love building reports, finding & eliminating inefficiencies, streamlining processes, and being the critical support person that a whole team revolves around, then this position is for you. You’ll have opportunities to grow in our Operations department, becoming a master of your craft, leading other Sales Support Reps, or perhaps moving into a more technical position.


Details on this position:

Title: Support Representative

Pay: Hourly

Vacation: Unlimited

401K: Flat 3% Contribution (no contribution required by you)

Travel: 5% (Just the occasional company meeting or customer visit when necessary)

Software: We spend a lot of money on our software & systems to help you sell more efficiently, you will have the best of the best, and you’ll be expected to use it like an expert.



Founded in 1983, we’ve operated as a successful small business for decades, but over the past 4 years we’ve brought on a former VP of multiple Fortune-500 Companies in order to help us scale the business and expand our national & global markets. If you’re looking for a wild ride at a startup, this isn’t the gig for you. This is a profitable company with a proven track record, but with the growth opportunities you might expect of a startup. Now’s your chance to get in on the ground floor and become a core part of the INTEREP team as we continue to grow. You’ll be joining a close-knit and talented team, with plenty of opportunities for professional growth. We offer competitive compensation + commission + benefits that are on par with large companies, while also placing a high value on maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

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This position is remote, but our customers are not. There are times we have to change our schedules to meet their needs, power plants need to run even on Christmas Day. How will you feel when you need to spend 2 hours on the phone on Thanksgiving because one of your key customers is in an emergency shutdown situation and needs your help to get them back online? How will you handle that scheduling volatility and time away from home/family?

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