You ordered a like-in-kind replacement for OEM equipment, the crane is on-site, and you’re flying everything into place… only to find that your plant-conditions are different than the original drawings. Suddenly you realize that you have a BIG problem, your stomach sinks.


Critical industrial facilities around the globe trust INTEREP’s Field Service Team to field-verify their drawings, reverse-engineer their equipment, and design custom solutions based on current conditions on-site, not just on paper. Trust INTEREP to provide you with the crucial decision-making knowledge that you need so you can stick to your outage schedule and stay within your budget constraints. 

Avoid unplanned outages with a comprehensive expansion joint (EJ) survey, showing you the condition of all your expansion joints in a certain area. Includes photos, thermal scans, field-measurements, and a complete report with maintenance schedule recommendations.

You can schedule your survey with the form before our technicians get booked up this outage season!