How We Represent Manufacturers

Interep applications specialists are present in each stage of the sales cycle, from client presentations and consulting services, to providing manufacturers with market intelligence. We’re a full-service liaison between you and the customer. Our goal is to empower you to do what you do best: manufacture products. We’ll deal with the rest.

Why Choose Interep to Represent you?

We’re here to provide you with active representation in the Rocky Mountain West. Our clients count on us to provide technical solutions to their existing problems as well as the services to implement those solutions.

With over 30 years of field knowledge and experience, Interep will walk with customers from consultation and diagnosis of problems all the way through post-sale support. We’re not just a sales company, we’re a solutions provider who is physically present at the customer’s location and isn’t afraid to get dirty in order to solve problems.

Examples of Our Services

Analysis of Target Markets

Identification of potential prospects and target areas based on existing Interep relationships as well as new markets that may fit a specific product

Collaborative Marketing

We coordinate with manufacturers’ marketing teams in order to execute targeting marketing strategies that promote your products to our customers.

Customer Design Review & Negotiation

Interep applications specialists are trained and equipped to communicate technical specifications and drawings between customers and manufacturers in order to ensure accuracy of design. Once a design is agreed upon, we’ll negotiate contracts between manufacturers and customers.

Technical Presentations

We conduct informational presentations, lunch-and-learns, and other technical training seminars for customers. Rather than showing up and telling customers what we sell, we show them how your products solve their problems.

Delivery and Payment

In heavy industry late shipments mean lost dollars. Interep takes prompt delivery and payment seriously, and we’ll do our best to ensure that both manufacturers and customers are cared for in this process.

Commissioning and Service After the Sale

Finally, Interep applications specialists consider it essential to support both our manufacturers’ as well as our clients in supporting installation and commissioning activities after the sale. It is our company philosophy that proper support at this stage of the project leads to truly long-term relationships.